Google Launch Squared to Improve Graduate Skills

When students finish university it is a common misconception that they now possess all the graduate skills needed to get a job, in the line of work they wish to pursue. However with it being so difficult to get a job in the current climate, extra skills and experience are needed. To help resolve this Google have launched a free training programme to improve graduate skills. The training programme known as Squared is a London based, soon to be online programme for unemployed graduates wanting to excel in the advertising sector. The current course based in London has already started for the current year, but there are still limited places for the online course starting this summer, for ambitious marketing graduates.

The Background

Squared came about after many media agencies stated that they have recently struggled to find well trained, digital marketing students to hire for their agencies. As a result of this Google, along with their partners Impact International and IPA, decided to come up with a qualification which will improve the digital skills of thousands of aspiring digital marketers, looking to get into the advertising sector. In 2012 a pilot for the Squared training programme was set up and run, and proved successful for over 30 participants. Since the full programme has been up and running its popularity has grown, which has led the company to expand to an online course which will run part-time and can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

The Details

The course takes place over a six month period and uses different methods to produce digital marketing students with the skills that are sought after by most agencies, advertisers and entrepreneurs. Although their training space is based in London, the company are appealing to all digital marketing students across the country. From their current intake and interest shown, Google have predicted the classes, which are free to successful candidates, will have around 160 graduates and 500 senior management executives from the advertisement industry taking part over the next year. Squared’s current Google+ page has over 20,000 followers, which shows how much interest the course itself must have.

 “We are the digital marketing qualification for tomorrow’s connected leaders. Developed by Google, built by the best practitioners and delivered collaboratively online, we are a new movement in career learning. We Are Squared.”

What’s Next?

Due to popular demand, and with the online course due to start this summer, Google have set out plans to take the course worldwide, and hope to tackle youth unemployment head on with their qualification.

Google already offer many online courses within this line of work, and this is another one to further the graduate skills of young digital marketing graduates. Experience is something that is sought after in all lines of work, so if you are unsuccessful in your first application, look to improve your skills further through courses such as those supplied by Google.

This is a guest post from Shona who is a recent teaching graduate who has set up Graduate-Tips to give advice and insight to the life of a graduate and the difficulties which are faced while trying to get a job. 

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