The Recipe to a Career in the Food Industry

Regardless of what career path you take, starting out in a new industry can be an overwhelming experience. The food industry is no different, especially due to its wide range of job sectors for a fresh new graduate to explore.

Despite popular preconceptions that everyone who works within the food industry has a job in catering, there are dozens of opportunities available for anyone from, scientists, production managers, packaging technologists to sales executives. There are thousands of people working behind the scenes ensuring that the food products we have come to know and love meet food standards so they consumable and edible.


The food industry has loads of job opportunities for a wide range of candidates who display high levels of potential, determination and the correct skill set. If you are completely new to the idea of a career in the food industry, a great place to start is niche specific job boards and recruitment sites such as YourFoodJob. This will allow you to research the food sectors and narrow down your search further.

As a recent graduate and having conducted this process myself, below I have decided to highlight a few of the potential food industry opportunities that positively reflect the diversity of the career paths available.

Jobs in Fresh Produce: Fresh Produce is just one area of the Food industry that has a number of opportunities available. These roles are vital in ensuring products get to the shelf in time to be consumed. Careers can range from those that have a hands on approach, such as quality control, to other roles that include sales and procurement. Desirable qualifications for the majority of positions within this sector usually include education to a Bachelor’s degree level. To see such diversity you can view a range of fresh produce jobs by clicking here.

Jobs in Food Supply Chain: For those who don’t know, a supply chain is a system of logistics that ensures a product or a service gets from the supplier to the end consumer in an efficient process. These roles will require candidates to have a logical mind and have a personality that is able to cope under pressure and time constraints. Time management is vital for success, therefore previous experience is beneficial.

Jobs in Food Technology: For those who are more suited to a career with a science background, then a job within food technology could be the perfect match. A career as a food technologist will usually require the candidate to have a food science degree, plus a couple of years’ experience within a similar role.

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