Considering a Future in Teaching? What a Career in Education Can Do For You

An ever increasing amount of potential students are opting to pursue the teaching route when it comes to degree or post-graduate level. In fact, 2010 around 9.1% of all university students were studying education, a huge percentage in comparison to 4.2% the previous year.

This trend is due to the fact that teaching offers a great deal of benefits as well as being incredibly rewarding. Many students wish to pursue a career in teaching for the following reasons:


In order to become a teacher, specifically a secondary or sixth form one, you need to be truly passionate about the subject you wish to teach. Many students opt to become teachers for the simple fact that they love their chosen subject, and want their passion and expertise to be reflected in the next generation. Believe it or not, pupils or students will be able to pick up whether or not you truly love your subject, and this can also make it much more engaging for them too.

Developing Knowledge

Regardless of whether you want to teach P.E., science or drama, teaching allows you to constantly develop knowledge and understanding in the subject you love, all whilst getting paid to do it! As well as sharing your expertise with your student, you can also enjoy continuous learning around the subject too. Ever-changing subject curriculums and topics allow you to adapt and extend your knowledge and approach, overall making you more skilled in your subject as well as being a better teacher.

Alternative Opportunities

Teaching opens a number of doors to a wide range of other opportunities as it gives you some vital qualities and skills that make you incredibly employable. Should you wish to explore an alternative career in later life, you can feel assured that your impressive skill set and ability to work with children will sit well on your CV, making you more desirable to employers.

Many teachers also opt to become private tutors, as this is a great way to make money whilst teaching someone equally as dedicated about the subject you love and specialise in, whilst getting the opportunity to work with children – an incredibly rewarding experience. Tutoring is something that you can benefit from in your free time between work to earn extra money as well as advance your skills in your chosen subject, making it increasingly popular with teachers of all ages.

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